Foundation for Teaching Economics
Posted at March 18

With the situation regarding COVID-19 changing hourly, we have changed application requirements and deadlines for our summer programs.

1) The deadline to apply to all FTE programs has been extended to April 15, 2020.

2) With schools closing nationwide, we understand that obtaining letters of recommendation and transcripts will be challenging. Effective immediately, we are waiving the application requirement for a letter of recommendation and high school transcripts.



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Coronavirus Throws Colleges A Curveball

Evelyn Jerome-Alexander, M.A., CEP Evelyn Jerome-Alexander, M.A., CEP
Posted at March 14

In between running to pick up your kids from what could have been their final day at school in person for the semester and dashing to the supermarket to grab the last package of TP, you might have a few questions about how coronavirus will impact your child’s college application process.

Hopefully this post will provide some answers.  Feel free to contact us if you have questions specific to your child’s college admission process.

Class of 2020

You’re probably right in the throes of receiving your college admission decisions.  Congrats!  A handful of colleges are still reviewing application files; most colleges have reviewed files remotely for years and can easily transition back to remote file review as they make their final admission decisions.  You’ll get your decisions soon!

However, if you didn’t visit all of the colleges to which you applied, and were planning to visit during spring break, you may find yourself in the strange position of having to make a decis...more

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FTE Summer Programs and COVID-19

Foundation for Teaching Economics
Posted at March 6

The Foundation for Teaching Economics (FTE) is closely monitoring the outbreak of COVID-19. FTE is in close contact with our campus partners. Based on current conditions, all programs are proceeding as planned. Should a campus closure require the cancellation of a program, full refunds of the program fee will be given. For participants who voluntarily withdraw, refunds will be made according to the FTE stated refund policy and schedule.


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Quick Webinar: Three College Admission Tips for Parents

Evelyn Jerome-Alexander, M.A., CEP Evelyn Jerome-Alexander, M.A., CEP
Posted at February 7

Happy to present our '3 College Admission Tips for Parents' webinar



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Foundation for Teaching Economics
Posted at 12/20/2019

Excited to announce that Foundation for Teaching Economics has posted the summer 2020 student applications along with all of the sites, dates and types of programs that we will be hosting next year! Check it out here: 2020 Program Sites and Dates


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Paying for College

Evelyn Jerome-Alexander, M.A., CEP Evelyn Jerome-Alexander, M.A., CEP
Posted at 11/6/2019

For many families, the stress of paying for college has increased the anxiety level for the entire, already-stressful process.  Helping parents navigate this part of the maze has become an ever-more important role for those of us who guide families through the college search and application experience.There’s a flood of information about there about paying for college – sometimes offering advice on how to maximize your eligibility for need-based aid, even if they don’t know your individual financial situation.  There’s so much information that you’ll begin to wonder what’s true and what’s not, and what really applies to you.  So we’ve curated some information for you here that we think is useful to everyone.  You are not alone in your concern about paying for college!

How can you educate yourself about HOW the college financial aid process works?  Here’s a good starting point – spend 30-ish minutes watching our Financial Aid webinar.  This will give you so...more

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What's the Difference Between Early Decision and Early Action?

Evelyn Jerome-Alexander, M.A., CEP Evelyn Jerome-Alexander, M.A., CEP
Posted at 8/28/2019

We’ve posted information about the differences between Early Decision, Early Action, Restricted (or Single Choice) Early Action, Rolling Admission and Regular Decision in past articles, but if you aren’t quite sure of what these mean, this post is for you!

If you're a reader - read below!  If you'd rather watch a short video with the info, click here.

Early Decision

  • Binding contract.
  • Student, school counselor and parents sign an agreement saying that if student is admitted, s/he WILL ATTEND that school.
  • Must withdraw all other applications if admitted.  This means you will never find out if you would have been admitted to UC X or Y Other College.
  • Must place a deposit at school within a few weeks of being admitted.
  • Counselor agreement says the counselor will ONLY send the student’s final transcript to that college if student is admitted.
  • May only apply to ONE college ED.
  • The ONLY acceptable reason for not honoring an ED commitment is if the college does not meet your DEM

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Dream School vs. Best Fit

Mark Cruver Mark Cruver
Posted at 3/20/2019

Somehow this notion of attending your dream school became synonymous with the perfect place to receive a degree. This idea of getting into a college or university of notoriety would, by default, propel students into stardom, ultimate success, or even riches. How utterly absurd.

But what if the "dream school" had nothing to do with notoriety, fame or fortune. But instead, the college was a good fit because it met the student's needs, bringing happiness and a prosperous environment. 

This is the true and honest nature of healthy college selection. A student who pursues their future by identifying meaningful characteristics of a college, recognizing personal strengths and challenges, and strives for excellence has actually constructed a foundation for building a solid list of colleges.

This idea of matching colleges to students based on specific criteria unique to the student is something many IECs (Independent Educational Consultant) have been doing for decades. The...more

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