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  • How is COVID affecting the Foundation for Teaching Economics plans for 2021?

    For 2021, FTE is planning a full summer schedule of the Economics for Leaders, Economic Forces in American History, and Entrepreneurship in the Global Economy programs. The uncertainty, caused by COVID, is how many programs will be in-person vs virtual. FTE will open up student applications the seco... more

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  • The Pioneer Research Program answered November 11

    Do the students need to request a letter of recommendation? Or, do the professors automatically write a letter of evaluation for the students? And, then, are these two options (rec and evaluation) the same or distinct?

    Thank you very much for your question about the program. Once scholars complete the program, each faculty mentor provides an evaluation for each scholar. The evaluation is intentional to speak to each scholars experience with undergraduate-level research completion. We distinctively provide evaluati... more

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  • Middlesex University London answered November 11

    Has COVID changed the admissions process for international students at Middlesex? (read more)

    COVID has not changed the entry requirements, but we have been flexible in regards to timing and accessibility to results. For example, over the Summer of 2020 we allowed international students to take online English certificates where their nearest test centres were closed due to the pandemic. Inte... more

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  • Matt Burns
    Matt Burns answered October 13

    Do you provide your services beyond the Tacoma, Olympia, and South Puget Sound regions? Has COVID changed anything for you?

    Thank you for your question. Yes, I work with students who live in regions other than Tacoma, Olympia, and South Puget Sound. COVID makes working online the best way to keep my students, their families, and me safe while we work together to find colleges and post-secondary opportunities that fit the... more

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  • Mark Bechthold
    Mark Bechthold answered October 8

    Are there certain universities that are known for providing more swimming scholarships (for mens) than others?

    The number of scholarships that may be offered (varying by the governing organization and the division) is limited by the governing organization itself (NCAA, NAIA, or NJCAA).  As that is the case, no school within the same division could offer more scholarships (in total) than this limit. &nbs... more

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  • Kate Balboni, MA
    Kate Balboni, MA answered September 23

    My child is Senior HS. We are working on the college admission process and have specific questions. How do I share all the details with you before I jump on a call with you?

    Hi Neena,


    I just saw and responded to your email.  My services are less expensive through ECN, however they do limit us on time.  If you'd prefer to just continue our discussion via email that might be more convenient.  Otherwise, we can set a call up on ECN and you can share y... more

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  • Audrey Slaughter
    Audrey Slaughter answered June 20

    Hi, my daughter is a rising junior. She wants to be a vet eventually. When is a good time to start working with a consultant to help her with college research / applications? Also we are interested in receiving help with financing. I have heard different consultants specialize

    Hi Tara,Those are many good questions! 

    1- The time to start working with a consultant is as soon as your daughter is ready. While I have some students start as early as 9th grade, to help understand their interests and how to work on activities during the school year and summer, the ideal time... more

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  • Weber State University answered April 8

    How is COVID affecting campus life for Weber State?

    As you may have guessed, we have suspended all in-person events. But that doesn't mean your path to higher education has to be put on hold! This is true for our current students and also our future students. It has been amazing to watch as we had to make so many changes in a short period of time how... more

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  • Cathy McMeekan
    Cathy McMeekan answered April 6

    Do you think coronavirus could affect college admissions in the fall?

    I do believe that the coronavirus will affect the students enrolling for the fall of 2020 as well as for those applying this fall for 2021.

    Many colleges have pushed back their decision deadlines from the universal May 1 Candidate Reply Date to June 1 (or later). I think this will mean the colleges... more

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  • Evelyn Jerome-Alexander, M.A., CEP

    We had to cancel a spring break college visit on the west coast because of corona virus. If my daughter get accepted, we don't have time to visit before she must make a decision. Is there a good way to delay the decision?

    Hi there!  Great question.  Some colleges have already decided to push the enrollment deadline (which had traditionally been May 1) to a later date, and many are now considering that change.  Colleges share your concern about forcing you and your child to make a decision without ever ... more

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