Jeff Sibner


College Match Guru

Services include college admissions, transfer considerations and support for students with ADHD and learning disabilities.

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Application and Essay Guidance College Selection/List Development Comprehensive College Guidance Financial Aid & Affordability Scholarships Interviewing Resume Building Early College Planning Students with LD


College Match Guru believes that the process of finding a suitable college should be a time of exploration and self-discovery, not of stress and hours of fruitless fact finding and wrong turns. CMG will guide you and your parents through a systematic process that includes understanding your goals and preferences, identifying your best college matches, acing your interviews, understanding financial aid and completing competitive applications. I have worked with high school students with and without learning disabilities on college admissions and financial aid.


Adjunct Associate Professor

University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine
September 1984 - present

Dr. Sibner has been teaching at Penn Dental since 1984 -- more than 30 years. Over the course of his tenure he has taught preclinical and clinical skills, lectured in didactic courses and writen several published articles.  While dental school is not high school (that was his mom's calling), the skill set required to successfully educate students of different abilities and backgrounds is the same.


College Match Guru
January 2015 - present

Jeff has been helping students achieve their college goals since 2015.  Of the 80% of his business related to Admissions, roughly 25% of his students have ADHD or Executive Disfuntion and benefit from his knowledge of many Disability Services and structured programs.  

About 20% of Jeff's business deals just with financial aid, scholarships and college costs.  Jeff has been involved with financial aid matters since the 1980's when he developed financial aid and cost models for the University of Pennsylvania's Dental, Medical and Vetrinary Schools.


Penn State University

Bachelor's Degree
1975 - 1979

University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine

Dr. Sibner completed his DMD in 1983 and a Residency, also from Penn, in 1984.

University of California - Irvine

2014 - 2015

Jeff completed his certificate program in Independant Educational Consulting with a 4.0 average in 2015.

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