National Unified Auditions

Gena Lester Professional College and Career Consulant, Education Prep Centers
Posted on 1/19/2018 11:34:51 AM

Feb is a big month for students who are auditioning for Musical Theatre or Acting.  The National Unified auditions are held in New York, LA, and Chicago.  I prefer Chicago because there are more programs that attend the Chicago auditions.  One important thing to remember is that while they called the Unified auditions, not all school belong to this organization and they will not show up on the website as attending.  You will need to look at each school you are applying for and see if they are holding Audition in any of the cities on the dates listed on the unified website.  I know it can be a little confusing but it is the best way to audition for those out of state programs in one place. In Chicago, some of the programs will have walk-in spots available if you do not have a time, but most of the highly competitive programs will not offer this option.  The key is to go early on the first day in order to sign up for one of those spots.  Happy Auditioning and Break a Leg!!!