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I work with students on finding the colleges that fit them the best academically, socially and financially

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My approach is a personal one – I help students find their future and make the most of their college experience.

Prior to beginning my career as a college admissions consultant in October of 2011, I spent twelve years working with college-bound high school students and their families as a college admissions counselor and academic advisor.

Why? Because when I was in high school, I didn’t make the most of anything. I didn’t have a plan for how I was going to conduct my college search. In fact, I can’t even say that I thought about it in terms of a search at all. I never prepared for the SAT let alone stressed out about it. I wrote a bland essay in one sitting and submitted it without ever having anyone else read it. I didn’t tour either school I applied to until I was up against the May 1st confirmation deadline. I had no idea what I was going to major in and I definitely didn’t possess an awareness of my true skills or abilities.

Because of the path my life took, I empower students to find colleges who will offer them the right academic, social and financial fit.

When I work with students, we start off with a thorough assessment which helps flesh out their values, interests, personality-style and skills – what I like to call their VIPS. From there we launch the college search process by constructing a college list, focusing on how to reduce the costs of college and then preparing for visits and interviews. Along the way, we work on their essay, and develop an activity list and resume which showcases their accomplishments. Together, we work on their applications to ensure they have been completed thoroughly and accurately as well as any application supplements, portfolios or auditions. Throughout the process, we focus on strategies for making the most of college and getting off to a great start.

I believe it is important for students to seek out colleges where they will excel academically and socially without having to spend excessive amount of money to do it.

College is a match to be made, not a prize to be won and, as such, students should not restrict their search to only one college, or select group of colleges trying to find that one perfect match. Done right, the college search process excludes rankings and the idea that a more selective college is the “best” college. While many Dobler College Consulting students are great matches for some of the most selective colleges in the country, such a match is not right for everyone. Each student deserves the opportunity to find the colleges that fit them well and it is my goal to help them do just that.

6/7/2017 9:26:12 AM,
Eric Dobler replied:
Yes, it many ways it can be very helpful to contact your admissions counselor. Should you have specific questions that you cannot find answers to on their website or have any particular details about your impending application that you'd like to talk about further, starting with your admissions counselor is a great way to go. Reaching out like this is especially impactful if the college tracks demonstrated interest - in other words, the more they hear from you and have contact with you, the more viable you can become as an applicant.

Of course, you don't want to bombard admissions counselors with emails and calls that are just for the sake of reaching out - you never want to waste their time in an effort to have more "touches". Hope that helps!
5/21/2017 10:42:49 AM,
Eric Dobler replied:
Just how much the interview really counts depends on the college in many ways. Some colleges offer interviews simply for an informational exchange - they want to hear more about your interest in them and they want to be able to answer any questions you have - while others use it very much in an evaluative sense where it becomes a part of your application. The best way you can determine how a college will count your interview is to read up on their application requirements on their website as most schools are rather clear about their policy. However, after you've done that, if it's still unclear, call or email your admissions representative.