Jean Karavidas


College Horizon; Students Rising Above; Mentoring Academy

Independent College Adviser servicing students in the LaMorinda Area and greater east bay

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Jean's path to college advising was inspired by her love of organization and motivational speaking.  Jean's teaching career began after she graduated from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. While working in both educational and professional settings, Jean found her niche when she focused on motivating individuals to achieve their goals.  A natural organizer, Jean found ways for students, both young and grown, to create a plan that ensured their success. Recognizing her skills were essential to the college application process, Jean enrolled in the U.C. Berkeley College Admission and Career Counseling program. Now a certified advisor, Jean travels extensively visiting schools across the country.  Jean also works at a small private high school in Oakland as their college advisor and registrar.  This allows her great insight as to what needs to be done on the high school counselor side and she can guide her clients on the proper path to meet deadlines. Jean is also involved with Students Rising Above; a non-profit organization that assists first-generation, low-income students on their journey to college.     In what free time she has, Jean's love of hiking the Briones trails is second only to her passion for vintage clothing and antiques.


Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Bachelor's Degree

UC Berkeley Extension

Masters Certificate in College Advising and Career Counseling

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