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Sheree has a passion for helping students discover their interests and to use that to find great college options.

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Sheree offers a variety of packages for families interestested in working with her. Please ask for more details or view the website. 

Sheree Gravely has a passion for helping students discover their interests and to use that to find great college options. Years of experience in private industry, education and as a parent make her ideal is an Independent College Advisor.

Sheree graduated from The University of Virginia with a BA in International Relations and French. As a student at McIntire School of Commerce she won The Philip Morris Marketing and Advertising  competition. She was heavily involved in counseling undergrads as an RA and Dorm Resident Manager in first year housing. Sheree also attended Northwestern's evening MBA program at the Kellogg School and the University of California - Riverside's College Counseling Certificate program.

Sheree worked in the marketing industry at major corporations including Arthur Anderson, H.J. Heinz and Kraft Foods as a marketing director.  She's been very involved in local education in a variety of ways and in a variety of positions including school advisory councils, fundraising, booster organizations and academic issues. She designed the College Advising strategic plan for a high school guidance and counseling office. She atttends professional organization, HECA's, summer institutes and is constantly visiting college campuses to gather the most up-to-date information for her students.

She's lived in a variety of cities in the US, Britain and Canada. Sheree is married to Alan and has a daughter and two sons. The family loves to travel,  scuba dive, ski and generally be active.


Independent College Advisor

Gravely Group College Advising
January 2014 - present


University of California - Riverside

Associate's Degree

Kelloggs School of Management

5/17/2017 11:14:56 PM,
Sheree Gravely replied:
Hi John - It's a simple question with a complicated answer because each student and family is different and presents their own challenges to answering the question.  As a College Advisor, our job is to  combine getting to know the student and family,  with knowledge about the college application process and about many individual colleges.

 I start with a questionnaire that the student and both parents fill out separately which gives me an idea of their goals.  The student then completes Interest Inventories to help us understand not only their career interests but their personality traits and the environments and ways in which they learn best.

Then I help the student start researching all aspects of their interests and the resulting college choices.  Once they become empowered with the knowledge of how to achieve their goals and objectives, the college options quickly fall into place.

Each student and family requires a personalized approach given all kinds of factors such as the obvious ones like financial constraints, academic performance, career interests but even the less obvious factors like feel of the college, preference for geography, campus atmosphere, available resources, etc.  It's amazing to see how even students who seem very similar on the outside (grades, interests) can end up having very different lists.  By walking through our process, we hope that each student has a college list that makes their post high school career the catapult to a successful and happy life!

Let me know if I can answer any more questions!