Betsy Klene

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Provide assistance with planning curriculum, resumes, the college list, finding the right ‘fit’, essays, overall strategy and process.

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Having worked in a variety of fields before turning my attention towards helping students prepare for college, I feel my previous experiences have provided me a breadth of professional opportunities that I can pass along to my clients. I have developed presentations for high school counselors, along with creating and executing workshops for the college admissions process. I have worked with the U.S. State Department as well at college fairs in Singapore for U.S. universities. My professional path that lead me towards advising and college preparation include previously working at IBM in sales and marketing, as a radio announcer for KMNY in Los Angeles, and as a member of the Attorney General's Child Abuse Task Force in Boise, Idaho. I have also held numerous parent association leadership positions in La Jolla, California and Boise, Idaho, as well as Singapore. Member of HECA, WACAC, PNACAC.


Independent College Advisor

January 2007 - present


University of Southern California

Bachelor's Degree
1975 - 1979

Cum Laude Marshall School of Business, emphasis in finance.



Independent College Advisor

University of California San Diego
September 2007 - present
6/9/2017 12:47:19 AM,
Betsy Klene replied:
Yes, a job in high school is definitely something that college admissions officers look favorably on. Less thatn half of high school students in the U.S. have a job so this will mkae you stand out. It shows responsibility and dedication and is considered as important as a team captain or student government officer by admissions offices. 
6/20/2017 12:32:37 AM,
Betsy Klene replied:
The key here that will catch the attention of college admissions offices is that you are working to help your family. If you are working full time during the week, working part time during the weekend is another thing to add to your resume. If you need to do this to help your family, that is admirable. If you get a second job for your resume, it is not better to have two jobs than one job. What is important is that you are working full time to help your family. You don't want to get worn out by working all weeke with no time off to relax.