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Our clients are alleging that their son received substandard educational services at one school. Upon transferring to another school, his performance improved. We are asking the first school (a charter school) to reimburse the fees they paid there. We need the report ready to submit on August 7. If you are interested and can meet our timeline, please contact me at your earliest convenience and I can provide more information. If you are unable to assist us, any referrals would be greatly appreciated. Best regards, Laurie

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Jacqueline Hicks Grazette
Jacqueline Hicks Grazette  replied:

Hi Laurie,


I apologize for the delay in answering you, but it took me a while to figure out where questions for me are posted in ECN.  I may be able to help, if it is not too late, but would need to know more about the situation.  Please feel free to give me a call or provide a number where you can be reached. 

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