Anonymous asked Jenny Buyens, 7/19/2019 12:41:00 AM
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Hi, I wanted to check with you if I have any options to explore for my son who wasn’t able to do his sophomore and now recovering from wilderness therapy?we are in San Jose California and wanted to check if there are any private schools which will accept him. Any help would be greatly appreciated .

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7/19/2019 12:51:32 PM,
Jenny Buyens replied:

Good morning, and thank you for your question.  Although I have a specialty in working with students with a diagnosed learning difference, I am not familiar with therapeutic schools.  I'm sorry I can't be of more help.

7/20/2019 8:21:01 PM,
Anonymous replied:
I don’t live in California but Fusion academy could be a good start.
7/22/2019 11:17:50 PM,
Joyce Reed replied:

They should contact these folks. They specialize in working with families like this.