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Hi Betsy This is Palash Das, Brian and I worked together at Cymer in San Diego. We had met in Singapore and all three had gone for dinner. I just got a mail from Brian about his retirement. Are you having some kind of retirement event for him, and if so, when? Thanks.

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Betsy Klene
Betsy Klene  replied:

Hi Palash, Yes, I know who you are. My email address is: betsyklene@gmail.com. Brian's last day is November 1st. He is having an after work event on November 4th in Boise at Inn at 500 in the Capitol Room and Richard's is catering. We're expecting close to 80 people. Where are you? If you are able to come he would love to see you, I'm sure. Please reply to my email so I can see it quicker. Thank you for reaching out. Betsy Klene