9/18/2017 11:23:39 PM,
Karen Zhang replied:

Thank you for asking a great question!

How do you want to identify yourself? Who do you want to be? Most colleges want to build a diversified class with unique individuals so that the students’ experiences inside and outside classrooms can be dynamic and rich. I would not recommend de-emphasizing your strong feelings about who you are and downplay the heritage that you feel proud of, either it is Asian or any other heritage.

There are colleges which make the Asian community feel being stereotyped. In my practice, I do see some Asian students being pressured by their parents and follow the crowd to learn instruments and focus on academics, especially advanced math regardless of their interests.

I have a student who has half Asian heritage. I encourage her to think interpedently and develop her unique qualities and interests to represent her true self. She is not a typical Asian, or half Asian. She is just her, and no one is like her. She is on her way to achieve and strive wherever she goes for college.