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Magellan College Counseling helps students and parents navigate the college admissions process. We help students reflect on their...

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Magellan College Counseling helps students navigate the college admissions process. We work with students and their parents to achieve three goals:
+ To guide students as they explore their college options in search of schools that would be a good place for them to pursue their education (“fit/match”);
+ To help students present the most advantageous college application package, maximizing their chances of earning admission to their top choice college(s);
+ To organize the process for both students and parents by task and timeline, minimizing stress. Work with students on development of college list, writing of resume/brag sheet, essay selection and writing, interview preparation.

Evelyn Alexander founded Magellan in 2011, and has personally visited over 300 college campuses in the past seven years.  She is a Certified Educational Planner, the highest designation for college counselors.  Magellan has counselors in Northern and Southern California, Ft. Collins, CO, Austin, TX and Chicago.  All of our counselors have earned a Certificate in College Counseling.


Johns Hopkins University

Bachelor's Degree
1988 - 1992

George Washington University

Master's Degree
1992 - 1993


2011 - 2012

Certificate in College Counseling



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We publish articles, news and analysis on an ongoing basis on our website, www.MagellanCounseling.com.  


Volunteer College Counselor

Legacy High School
September 2013 - May 2015

Volunteered at a newly opened public high school in South Gate, CA, which served primarily low-income and underrepresented minority students.

Volunteer College Counselor

High Tech Los Angeles
March 2012 - May 2015

Began volunteering to fulfill the practicum for my UCLA Certificate in College Counseling.  Continued to work with juniors and seniors for three years at this charter school in the San Fernando Valley.

7/23/2019 6:05:46 PM,
Evelyn Alexander, M.A., CEP replied:

Hi there - thanks for your message.  

I can help but I'm probably not the best person to help.  I would get in touch with someone who specializes in placing students after a break in their education.  I'm assuming you mean he didn't complete his sophomore year in high school, not college - correct?

You can e-mail me directly at evelyn@magellancounseling.com.

I would actually recommend, though, that you get in touch with Loren Grossman.  You can reach her at lrg@ix.netcom.com.

Best of luck!


9/7/2018 2:07:18 PM,
Evelyn Alexander, M.A., CEP replied:

I would almost never cancel an AP score, and here's why.

AP scores are literally NEVER required for college admission.  Students who excel on their AP exams can send them, but admission offices won't wonder where they are if they are not part of a student's application, and students will not be penalized for not sending or reporting AP scores.

AP scores ARE used to earn college credit after you enroll at the college you choose in the end.  Most colleges will award some credit for scores of 4 or 5; some colleges will award some credit for scores of 3.  No colleges reward credit for scores of 1 or 2, but there is no downside to having these scores show up on the AP report when you send your AP scores to the college at which you enroll.

If you cancel an AP score, you will never know what score you receive!  So I really can't think of a situation in which I would cancel an AP score.  

6/7/2017 5:25:07 PM,
Evelyn Alexander, M.A., CEP replied:
This is a very good question, and a major source of stress for students and parents!
The answer, as with many questions that you could ask me and other independent educational consultants, is that it depends on your list of colleges.  The vast majority of colleges today do not require Subject Tests (SAT II).  I refer to this frequently-updated list for information on which colleges require Subject Tests - you can see that there are only nine that require them, and some of them will accept the ACT as an alternative.

AP scores are a different story, and people are often confused by how they are treated.  Let's make sure we're all starting on the same page.  There's a difference between using AP scores in the admission process, and getting college credit for your passing AP scores once you enroll at a college.  Even if you send your AP scores to an admission office, you will most likely need to send them again after you enroll, to the registrar's office, or whichever office on campus determines how many credits they will award you for your scores.

I very rarely encourage students to send AP scores during the admission process.  There are several reasons for this:
  • First, it's very difficult to send just some of your AP scores, and not all of them.  College Board makes this process difficult; it's not the same "score choice" as they utilize for Subject Tests.
  • Second, unless you have all 5s, you are not showing the admissions office at a highly selective college that you stand out from the crowd.  I understand that 4 is a great score and 3 is passing, but those scores do not help you shine.  
I made a video that gives you a more extensive explanation of how to determine if you should send your AP or Subject Test scores or not. Feel free to have a look!

I hope this response, and the resources I have provided, are helpful!
Best of luck in your college search!