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Aeard-Winning Author and Education Professional with a proven record of generating

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As an Innovative College Admissions Consultant, a State Approved Counsrlor, and Award-winning Author,  this counselor is multi-talented in noth the college admissions and career counselor has created exciting full servicd programs.
Most families prefer to use our comprehensive package This package meets all the needs of the student.
Student support continues until the student confirmes admission in their school of their choice. This is usually on or near May 1st of the senior year. Our experience is filled with a richness that has been created by working with students who come from all walks of life.
Regardless of where a student is in the process, we can help them succeed, but starting at where they are at.
All students are individuals with unique learning styles, backgrounds, cupped with academic strengths and weaknesses. Our program creates an individualized learning approach which is tailored to address each student’s specific needs.