Larry Blumenstyk

Certified Educational Planner, Director of College Admissions Program

Learning Associates LLC

Highly individualized Comprehensive College Advisory Services in a broad-based Educational Consulting practice since 1981.

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Learning Associates has been providing individualized educational consulting services to our clients since 1981. My Educational Consulting biography is available at our website: Larry Blumenstyk Bio

I was a first-generation college graduate.

While at college, I waited on tables and started a painting & light contracting company.

I have hiked hundreds of miles above 6,000 feet, completed three century rides, sailed from Maryland to Block Island, and traveled on three continents.

I've run a garment factory, worked at a pharmaceutical consulting company, developed a 13-acre undeveloped site into 22 lots for residential housing, and more.

Why do I tell you this? Because at Learning Associates, educational consulting is not just another classroom. It requires meeting students where we "find" them, relying upon a variety of life experiences to establish a common ground. Young people need not conform to our preconceptions, because the task is to help them present their best selves.


Director, College Admissions Program

Learning Associates LLC
January 2005 - present

We are a unique educational consultancy, providing families with expert educational advice in numerous domains since 1981. Please see our Learning Associates website or "like" us on Facebook
Larry Blumenstyk directs the college admisions functions of Learning Associates.


Cornell University

Bachelor's Degree
1966 - 1970

New England School of Law

Juris Doctor (J.D.)
1973 - 1976



Detailed List available on request

HECA, IECA, NJACAC, and others



NJ Seeds (Education)
January - January


Let's Get Ready (Education)
January - January


New Jersey Community Development Corporation - Paterson Youth Council (Economic Empowerment)
January - January

1/23/2018 7:12:24 PM,
Larry Blumenstyk replied:

How clear are your goals? If you can articulate a vision for your future, you can ask a consultant about ways to execute on that vision.

If you have no particular goals or vision, you can ask how to solve that problem and then see if the consultant can offer something meaningful.

If you come to the conversation without having defined the problem to be solved, you are likely to get no more than a generic menu of services, and hopefully that will suit you. 

1/23/2018 7:14:37 PM,
Melissa Kupferschmid replied:

Each consultant's has his/her desired method of engagement. That said, I prefer that perspective clients either email or call me after they have reviewed my website. I offer a free consultation with perspective cleints though the session is limited to a discussion about my services and how I work. During this session, I do not counsel, advise or discuss specific student issues since the focus of this session is for the perspective client and his/her family to decide if they would like to hire me and not for me to provide free consulting services.

1/17/2018 7:13:36 PM,
Larry Blumenstyk replied:

Good luck reaching Julie, but this came to me.

best wishes,