The Art of Demonstrating Interest

Kate Balboni, MA
Posted at 6/23/2017 11:26:29 AM

Originally published,, June 15, 2017

If you’ve perused any forums on college admissions (looking at you, Mom and Dad!) then you’ve already come across the term “Demonstrated Interest.”  It sounds like some sort of corporate terminology, doesn’t it?  That’s because that’s exactly what it is.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: colleges are businesses.  Non-profit status aside, they keep the lights on based on the tuition dollars, or you can say they are “tuition driven.”  That means the primary objective is and always will be meeting or exceeding their enrollment goals for each incoming freshman class. 

Selectivity and prestige are important components of attracting applicants and these factors are bolstered by admitting students who they believe really want to attend.  By maintain their status as a desirable university to attend schools can increase their yield, or the ratio of admitted students.  Bottom line?  Coll...more

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Early What?

Kate Balboni, MA
Posted at 5/31/2017 9:49:32 AM

Originally published on, October 17th, 2016

Why does everything have to be so darn complicated? A few months ago we went over all the

different major application companies and now I have to confuse things further by talking

about the different priority dates.

There’s some good news and some bad news. Bad news first? As with so many other things

schools all set application dates separately and many seem determined to come up with their

own lingo to talk about it. I’ve seen more combinations of the word “Early” with some

synonym of “deadline” then I’d care to admit. Early Action, Early Answer, Early Decision,


(ok, I may have made that last one up).

Ready for the good news? Here it is! This is all way less complicated than you think. Despite all

the crazy names there’s only a few actual categories of decision deadlines. Let’s break them


1. Early D...more

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