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A Roadmap for College

Finding the best fit college experience for students with college admissions advising, high school academic planning and summer...

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I design a custom roadmap for each high school student to help them stay enthusiastic and organized through high school and their college application process. The road to higher education starts with identifying the student's strengths and interests so I begin with key assessments to help the student identify their college fit. My experience in a college focused high school counseling team and Certificate of College & Career Counseling earned through University of California Berkeley has given me a breadth of knowledge in this field. I also continue my college & career education through attending college information conferences and visiting 15-20 colleges yearly. My experience of 15+years of experience mentoring and coaching teens through directing teen leadership programs taught me how to best communicate with teens. I organize, mentor, and coach students so they enjoy their journey towards college!  


University of Southern California

Bachelor's Degree

Bachelors of Science in Business Administration, Entrepreneur Program emphasis


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