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Admissions Edge has provided professional college admissions counseling services to high school students and their families since 2001.

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Dewey, a 1993 graduate of Princeton University, earned a certificate in College Admissions Counseling from UCLA in 2003. He imparts learning skills and strategies while advising students on the entire college admissions process. He shares his love of learning with his students and seeks to mold active, self-sustaining learners capable of managing a complex process.

The Admissions Edge approach to college choice and the admissions discovery process is a "Best Fit" concept: matching students to colleges where they have the greatest probability of flourishing and succeeding. Dewey uses a varity of metrics and a sophicated algoritm to estimate these probabilities. Choosing the best college takes research, exploration and making tough decisions! Let Admissions Edge help you along this challenging and exciting road.



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5/16/2017 12:20:54 PM,
Dewey Wilmot replied:

Great question! This really depends on you. I recommend taking a full length practice ACT and SAT in a proctored/test-like environment - preferrably early on a Saturday morning! Then, based on your results and how you felt while taking each practice test, you decide which test to prepare for and take first! If aftering taking your first test you decide to try the other test, then you can. Preparing for either test first will teach you strategies that apply to the other test, but I do recommend doing structured preparation (online or in-person) for the other test if you decide to take it!